The concept of Isku Active Working is meant to create versatile and active work environments by defying spaces according to their functionalities and purposes. Ergonomic work chairs, soundscape controlled with design screens and space-efficient storage solutions inspire employees, making their work environment more comfortable and pleasant. Our joint facility and furniture solutions for Focus, Join, Share and Relax spaces are a cornerstones of Isku Active Working concept and source of inspiration, learning and innovation in the working space.

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Focus – work with concentration

Sometimes a job requires rigorous focus on producing information or text, or an accurate examination of the material. Focus solutions are designed to create a setting that supports the processing and production of information. These solutions are the best to use for tasks that require focus and concentration. Whenever you need to finalize your presentation or an offer, go through materials or make an important phone calls – Focus solutions support you on the way to achieving the best results.

In the open office, desks can be surrounded by screens or other noise-canceling elements. Concentration is also ideally supported by having phone booths, which can be used not only for calls and Skype meetings, but also for individual work tasks.

Join – spontaneous ideas

Join solutions are designed to create a setting that supports openness, sharing and collaboration. Typically, activities in the Join environment are spontaneous and unplanned among a group of fellow workers. Join spaces provide a good and neutral ground for informal discussions. Different seating groups provide a flexible platform for spontaneous brainstorming.

The Join zone is neither quiet nor boring – it offers relaxed places where it’s easy to have an informal and relaxed chat with a colleague. Join solutions are suitable for open office environments. A light mid-day communication reinforces interaction in the work community, engages people and supports innovative ideas.

Share – working together

How to organize a successful meeting? When you wish to share information and exchange ideas, the best place is usually a conference room or any other place suitable for the teamwork. Choosing Share solutions for your conference room you will get the most out of the meetings.

Share solutions are designed to create a setting that supports both private meetings and conferences. They create peaceful but inspired spaces for decision making, negotiations, ideas exchange and helpful conversations. Share solutions can help to create comfortable spaces for team work and meetings. Share solutions offer spaces for sharing, exchanging and engagement.

Relax – a moment for break

Recharge before your next task. Relax solutions are designed to create a setting that supports rest, relaxation and refreshment during the workday. Various break zones improve well-being at work and gives employees a space to recharge during the day.

Not only do these spaces provide a place for rest but they also support the creative exchange of ideas between different departments in conversations that might not otherwise have taken place. The best Relax environments support the employee’s physical well-being and social interaction. Have a cup of coffee, read a newspaper, call to your loved ones or just chill out for a moment with your colleagues.

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