Telia upgraded its work environment to a comfortable multi-space office

While Telia moved to new premises in Pasila, Helsinki, the company reformed its work environment into a multi-space office. The starting point of the project was the “Telia ONE” way of thinking, where all Telia operations and subsidiaries are under the same roof in a new home base in Helsinki. In addition to the work environment, this brought about a change in work culture and working methods.

Working days are divided into different work zones

Telia’s renovated workspaces consist of a wide range of different spaces, for individual or group work. At Telia, the facilities are called Collaboration spaces, Semi-focus spaces and Full-focus spaces. It is easy for employees to move from one space to another according to the day’s workflow. This promotes networking and communication but allows also peaceful and undisturbed work.

“In our previous premises, many workers had their own designated workstations. The change to a multi-space office, where everyone can choose their own workstation according to their job, was great. We actively involved our staff in the various phases of the project and had furniture to test in our pilot premises in Vallila. The change has been particularly successful and we have received a lot of positive feedback”, says Risto Huostila, Head of Offices at Telia.


The new office spaces have areas of different sizes for various purposes and they can be separated by screens and space dividers. There is also variety in the color schemes between different floors. The shared areas are cozy and inviting.

“Telia’s new premises are on ten floors and each floor has its own theme, following Telia New Home in Helsinki’ concept. The easily approachable atmosphere of the concept was inspired by various areas of Helsinki”, says the design director, Partner Hanna Gullstén from Sisustusarkkitehdit Gullstén & Inkinen Oy.

Comfort and values of sustainable development and responsibility

In furnishing the new premises responsibility and values of sustainable development were important to Telia. Although moving to new premises required investment in new solutions, there was also a desire to renovate and preserve old furniture. Furniture that was found unnecessary or was in poor condition, was recycled by ISKU.

“We wanted a furniture supplier who is brave to experiment furniture in different spaces and for various purposes. Sustainability was also an important selection criterion for us. Telia aims for zero emissions by 2030 throughout the value chain, from customers to subcontractors, and we therefore paid special attention to how our furniture partners operate in the field of responsibility. We are very pleased with ISKU”, says Tuula Juvonen, Senior Sourcing Manager at Telia.

The aim of the project was to provide Telia employees with a ‘New home in Helsinki’ where everyone can come to a homey and comfortable workspace. The living room furniture combines functionality and flexibility, as the multi-purpose furniture serves in different situations. The goal was to create cozy, warm and comfortable spaces with the selected furnishing solutions.

Comfort is visible throughout the office, but also outdoors. The two terrace areas of the building were furnished with weatherproof garden furniture and equipped with barbecue facilities. Outdoor facilities for lunch and leisure are freely available to all and serve also as a meeting place.

Telia is one of the largest TV companies in the Nordic countries and one of the leading companies in Finland providing ICT services to companies. When the personnel of Telia Finland head office and subsidiaries merged, overall 2,200 employees moved to the new premises in June 2020.

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