For us, being a Finnish company is both a resource and a source of pride. The colors, shapes and forms found in the Finnish nature as the source of inspiration, we highlight sustainable solutions and eco-friendly choices always respecting the environment. These principles have guided us to lead the way in Finnish design since 1928. Deriving from our Finnish heart, we have centralized all our production in Lahti, Finland. In addition to the extensive sales and service network in Finland, we operate in the Nordics, the Baltics, Poland, Kazakhstan, France, the Middle East, and China and deliver projects all over the world.

Modernized factory for better service and lower carbon footprint

Our customers, staff and partners and constant sustainable development are at the heart of our success. Since 2015 we have made vast investments in modernizing the factory, production process and its systems, logistics, as well as work ergonomics. The processes have been made more efficient for better service. Inside our fully customer driven production everything has been renewed as all machines and production lines are brand new.

Our modernized factory in Lahti has become a benchmark for responsible production operations. We emphasize ecological choices from the very beginning of the design process and always act responsibly honoring our environment. The company’s responsible property management with energy-wise solutions have reduced the ISKU buildings’ CO2 emissions by up to 90%. The environmental impact of the company’s operations is so small that it has not required an environmental permit for years. Taking the environment into consideration is a matter of course for all ISKU employees.

ISKU is not only responsible for the environment, but also for people. Our employees and partners are the cornerstone of our success. ISKU’s safety management policy is based on the continuous development of occupational health and safety. Our ISO 45001 certified workplace health and safety system makes these matters part of everyday work and management.

Hanna Valve

Professional pride and a quality handprint are at the heart of our work, and with my own name, I want to ensure the best result for the customer. I want to be proud of each product I make.” – Hanna Valve, a sewer at ISKU

Combining modern technology with traditional handicraft

ISKU quality means carefully considered product design, professional craftsmanship, meticulously tested materials and environmentally friendly, responsible production. The ISKU factory has the most advanced production technology in the world, represented for example by the Grada line. The combination of thermoformed wood board with robot technology and machine line speeds up furniture production by 60% and sets the lead time from 90 minutes to 9 minutes.

However, modern technology also requires human touch to perform as its best. Our factory employs 400 professionals. Craftmanship and understanding of materials are of high importance as the collection, product design and materials change. In our production, each product is labeled with a quality sticker and a handwritten signature as a guarantee of high quality.