ISKU is a forerunner in furnishing nursing homes, homelike interiors for the elderly people, hospitals and other healthcare facilities. We provide the most modern solutions for our customers’ needs to support the customer experience and strengthen patient-oriented work. Well-being at work improves patient satisfaction and supports the objectives to promote recovery and improve results.

Within the healthcare sector, we use national guidelines for indoor hygiene as the basis for our interior design. The microbiological cleanliness of the interior is maximized by utilizing the proven advantages of the ISKU+ antimicrobial furniture solutions. With antimicrobial touch surfaces, we can indirectly prevent the spread of infections.

ISKU+ collection is the world’s first antimicrobial furniture solution that contributes to a cleaner environment and to the safety and well-being of our customers.

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Isku Health

ISKU Health is the most modern solution for healthcare needs to support the customer experience and to strengthen patient-oriented work. Our ergonomic and high-quality solutions also support the healthcare professionals’ wellbeing at work. ISKU Health combines Finnish expertise in healthcare, technology and design.

We provide solutions on our clients’ terms. Safety and considerations for improving safety is at the core of any health environment.

ISKU+ antimicrobial solutions for cleaner environments

We aim to serve our clients and personnel towards better health. Especially advances in material science have a significant role in interior design and indoor hygiene management. ISKU+ furniture collection is the world’s first antimicrobial furniture solution that contributes to a cleaner environment. An optimal result is achieved by combining hand hygiene, regular cleaning and antimicrobial contact surfaces.

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HygTech Alliance – Together we are more

HygTech Alliance is an alliance of six Finnish companies ISKU, Abloy, Korpinen, Lojer, Oras and Teknos united to develop complete hygiene solutions for healthcare facilities. Collaboration as the driving force, the alliance is aiming in creating safe, stylish and practical shared spaces. The holistic solutions of the alliance companies promote health and wellbeing by reducing the amount of microbes and preventing them from growing on protected touch surfaces.

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