MyFlow Meeting Chair

Archello Awards 2023 Longlist

The MyFlow Meeting Chair, designed by Vertti Kivi, has earned a spot on the Archello Awards 2023 Longlist in the “Office Furniture of the Year” category. This embodies its timeless blend of wood, premium upholstery, and metal – combining state-of-the-art technology with exceptional design.

ISKU & MyFlow®

Fennia Prize 22 honourable mention

The MyFlow® furniture family by ISKU was awarded an honorable mention at Fennia Prize 22 for its design. This recognition reflects the award-winning expertise of designer Vertti Kivi and ISKU’s legacy of over 90 years in combining state-of-the-art technology with exceptional design.


GESS Innovation Product Awards 2021 Finalist

ISKU earned the prestigious title of GESS Awards Finalist in 2021 in the Innovation Product Awards category for their innovative Bench solution “3 x innovation = Bench.” Designed by designer Juri Karinen, Bench addresses emerging needs and requirements in both workplace and educational settings. It effectively tackles challenges related to acoustic management and multifunctionality.


GESS Education Awards Winner 2020

Nook, designed by Petteri Häkkinen, embodies circular economy principles. In 2020, it earned the Best Sustainable/Eco-friendly product title at the GESS Education Awards.

The Nook’s life cycle begins with the recycling of plastic bottles, which are transformed into the lightweight felt material used in the product. Nook’s innovative design promotes versatile space usage and nurtures student teamwork, creativity, and logical thinking.


GESS Education Awards Winner 2019

Kivikko, designed by Henri Halla-aho, seamlessly combines sustainability with Finnish educational excellence. It’s a pedagogical seating solution that embodies circular economy principles, utilizing surplus and cut-off materials. Waste from Kivikko’s production is efficiently recycled. In 2019, it received the Best Sustainable/Eco-Friendly product title at the GESS Education Awards, a testament to its innovative approach to sustainability and education.


Finland 100 Design Competition Honorary Award

Tutto, designed by Mikko Laakkonen, earned an Honorary Award in the Suomi100 Design Competition organized by ISKU. Tutto is a versatile and aesthetically beautiful chair family designed to adapt to a wide range of interior design requirements. It blends innovation with essential elements of comfort and usability, making it a standout in the world of design.

Big Hug

Finland 100 Furniture Design Competition Winner 2017

Designed by Mika Tolvanen, Big Hug emerged as the winner in the Finland 100 Furniture Design Competition in 2017.

Big Hug is an impressive easy chair suitable for both private residences and public environments. True to its name, Big Hug invites its users in a comfortable embrace, offering a cozy space for relaxation or work within its armrests.


Fennia Prize Design Competition Honorary Mention

Designed by Kaija Aalto, Mukula was awarded an Honorary Mention in the prestigious international Fennia Prize design competition.

Mukula introduces innovative concepts for space utilization with its wall-mounted seats. The creatively designed seat cushions offer comfortable seating, while the wall element serves a dual purpose as both a decorative element, adding color and variety to interiors, and a sound-absorbing tool for acoustic management.

Tuoli 50

Helsingin Suurmessut (Helsinki Grand Fair)

Tuoli 50 student chair was not only recognized at the Helsingin Suurmessut (Helsinki Grand Fair) in 1955 but also awarded a gold medal in the design competition for its exceptional ergonomic design.

Its timeless and classical design enables Tuoli 50 to seamlessly complement modern furniture, rendering it a versatile choice for a variety of interiors, including cafeterias, canteens, classrooms, and other educational spaces. In recent times, the chair has found its way into Finnish homes, gaining popularity for its enduring style and functionality.