Nook Learning and Working Den

Design Petteri Häkkinen

Nook is a a novel space-in-space solution for working, learning and playing – for offices, schools and homes. Nook provides an innovative way to combine pedagogical multifunctionality and design with circular economy principles. Discover how the award-winning Nook, recognized by the GESS Awards, embodies the principles of the circular economy here.

The den with lightweight elements is an easy set-up to any space and by anyone. Nook can be furnished as you wish: it can hide desk and chair or a soft beanbag chair. Nook is sold in a package of 6 felt elements with 2×20 connectors.

Height: 1270 mm
Diameter: 1420 mm

Nook is eco-friendly products: the manufacturing material of Nook is made 60 % recycled PET plastic bottles, and the product itself is 100% recyclable. Sound-absorbing panels are available in dark gray and light grey.

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