Mode Akusto Floor screen

Design Juha Lätti / Juri Karinen

Mode Akusto series can be used to create easily modifiable assemblies. The free-standing floor partitions can be used individually or linked together to divide larger spaces. Mode Akusto improves the acoustics and peacefulness of the premises, as the partitions are effectively dampening noises from the surrounding environment. Panels have been designed to absorb the sounds from within and outside the assemblies. Sound proofing class: B.

The fiber material used has M1 emission classification and has been approved by the Finnish Allergy and Asthma Federation.

Width: 820 / 1220 / 1420 / 1620 / 1820 / 2020 mm
Depth: 43 mm
Height: 1260 mm / 1270 mm with castors
164 0mm / 1640 mm with castors
1800 mm

Leg: White, black, silver, graphite gray. With or without castors.
Upholstery: ISKU standard partition
fabrics; Blazer Lite, Event Screen+, Soul, Xpress
Accessories: Whiteboard, Mode Acrylic

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