Step into the captivating world of ISKU, where learning and teaching unite in a thrilling journey of joy! Experience Isku Active Learning – a revolution in education design, that enables you to create conditions where everyone can reach their fullest potential.

Our complementary solutions – Focus, Share, Study & Join – ignite creativity and flexibility. With our inspiring ideas it is easy to create functional spaces that inspire, uplift, and redefine the art of learning.

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Solutions for independent work as part of communal learning environments.

Sometimes, studying requires independent work and personalized solutions that support students’ individual learning pathways. Students should be provided with opportunities to occasionally withdraw from social interaction and concentrate on uninterrupted work.

Why choose ISKU Focus Solutions?

  • Improve concentration: Focus solutions provide dedicated spaces free from distractions, boosting student focus and productivity.
  • Personalize learning support: By enabling uninterrupted work, these solutions cater to individual learning styles, empowering students to follow their unique paths effectively.
  • Encourage self-directed learning: Purpose-built facilities foster student autonomy, empowering them to take charge of their learning and develop vital self-directed skills.


Solutions for collaborative learning and teamwork in all environments.

Share solutions promote collaborative learning and teamwork across various settings. These solutions cultivate environments for investigative, problem-based teamwork, enabling students to learn collaboratively by exchanging, evaluating, and integrating knowledge. Share solutions are ideal for rooms designed to facilitate interaction within a group: round tables combined with half-round or round seating create a safe setting for peer-group studying and creative learning.

Why choose ISKU Share Solutions?

  • Facilitate collaborative learning: Share solutions create environments where students collaborate effectively, exchange ideas, and integrate knowledge through teamwork.
  • Promote creative learning: These solutions encourage problem-solving and creativity by fostering investigative teamwork and group discussions.
  • Boost interaction: Share solutions promote peer-to-peer communication and support within collaborative learning environments.


Insightful and inspirational solutions for multifunctional classrooms.

The Study solutions are adaptable facilities and furniture solutions designed for teaching and learning new things. These adaptable solutions cater to various teaching methods, transforming traditional spaces into inspirational learning environments. They transform the conventional classroom, turning it into a multifunctional learning space.

Why choose ISKU Study Solutions?

  • Enhance engagement: These solutions create dynamic environments that foster creativity and collaboration, enhancing student engagement.
  • Optimize classroom use: Thoughtful design maximizes space efficiency, ensuring classrooms cater effectively to diverse teaching and learning needs.
  • Enjoy flexibility: ISKU Study Solutions provide modifiability, allowing classrooms to easily adapt to evolving educational requirements and teaching methodologies. This ensures long-term effectiveness and versatility.


Solutions for shared spaces that inspire interaction and creativity.

In communal areas such as halls, lobbies, and corridors, innovative and playful furniture solutions not only encourage creative relaxation but also support self-directed studying, whether alone or in groups. The Join solutions establish functional and comfortable shared spaces, fostering spontaneous and creative activities and providing a platform for thoughts and ideas to converge, sparking innovation.

Why choose ISKU Join Solutions?

  • Promote socialization: Join solutions foster interaction and community in communal spaces, creating a sense of belonging.
  • Inspire innovation: Join solutions encourage creative exploration, sparking innovation in collaborative settings.
  • Create a welcoming environment: Join solutions provide a cozy and welcoming atmosphere, enhancing comfort and enjoyment in shared spaces.

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