Riihenmäki school

Riihenmäki is a school for students from 1st grade until the 9th grade. It is located in Mäntsälä, Finland, about 60 kilometres north of Helsinki. There are, approximately, 700 students and 50 teachers in the Riihenmäki school.

The school emphasizes the importance of creativity and openness. The architecture of the building with open spaces invites teachers to teach and students to learn in a new way. The learning environments of the school reflect pedagogical diversity and suitability for both different ages of pupils and various learning styles. Some classrooms have been furnished as flexible teamwork spaces, while others are equipped with solutions that are more suitable for self-directed, independent work. Small, separate rooms connected to larger learning spaces provide a peaceful environment for tailored teaching while the rest of the class is studying in the larger room.

Multipurpose premises support learning

Riihenmäki School provides a modern multipurpose learning and working environment where harmonious architecture, colours and furniture come together to create an enjoyable environment for all its users.

When the school building was extended and renovated, the classrooms, dining hall, teachers’ offices, corridors and lobbies were refurnished and turned into learning environments that strengthen the culture of the modernised school. It was only natural that the teaching staff and other employees were actively involved in developing furniture solutions.

What is particularly remarkable in Riihenmäki School is the use of corridors. With cost-effective furniture solutions, it was possible to put corridors into effective use by turning them into parallel learning spaces during lessons. Outside lessons, they provide a communal space for relaxation, socialising and meeting friends.

Functionality and adaptability were the cornerstones in the design of the canteen too. The location of the service counters and the direction of people flow determined the placement of furniture, resulting in smooth-running lunch breaks. Thanks to the multi-level solution, the space doubles as a venue for performances and events.

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