Values, vision and mission.

Those important moments in life. Our mission is to be a companion for a lifetime journey right from the very beginning. We want to provide our customers with a sense of success at school, at work, in health care environments, as well as in other public and leisure time facilities. All our actions are guided by the group’s vision, mission and core values.

ISKU’s vision: Best and fast service

Our vision is to ensure the best and fast service. We are adamant and systematic in developing our operations. We pride ourselves through our satisfied customers, end users, personnel, partners and other stakeholders.

Our solutions move our customers’ businesses forward and help them achieve their targets. We are constantly developing to meet the needs of our customers never compromising on responsibility.


ISKU’s values are represented in our company name and logo. Finnish words derived from the letters I, S, K and U form our operational values:

Inspiroiva (Inspiring)
Suomalainen (Finnish)
Kuunteleva (Ready to listen)
Uudistuva (Evolving)

We want to inspire and be the most distinguished service provider in the interior design sector. ISKU’s Finnish roots are an important and obvious asset for us. Since 1928, ISKU has relied on Finnish work, expertise and quality. The ability to listen is a requirement for sustainable development. By listening to customers, colleagues and partners, we can keep improving ourselves. The evolving ISKU is bold and goal-oriented. We see that development can only occur through reinvention and evolution.