Acibadem Maslak Hospital in Istanbul chose ISKU’s antimicrobial furniture for their pediatrics department

ISKU recently provided furniture solution to the Acibadem Project Management in Istanbul for their new Maslak Hospital in Istanbul, Turkey. ISKU utilizes antimicrobial materials to support hygiene management protocols and efficiently eliminating microbes from surfaces 24/7. This means that the surfaces’ antimicrobial materials work continuously, also in between cleaning cycles. The children’s playroom has been a great success with ISKU furniture.

Colors bring shape and structure to an environment

At Maslak Hospital in Instanbul, the overall atmosphere in the pediatrics department is colorful and allows the children to enjoy a range of activities from drawing to watching videos and playing with toys. The design of the pediatrics lobby is divided into two sections – one for healthy children and one for ill children to minimize the chances of cross contamination.

Acibadem’s philosophy is very patient centric which has been considered in the architecture and hospital design. Vast spaces, lounges and quiet rooms for gatherings are constructed across the hospitals to enable loved ones to wait and comfortably pass time while patients are taken care of.

Leading provider of health services in Turkey, Acibadem Healthcare Group offers the highest quality diagnosis and treatment in the most comfortable, safe and patient-oriented environments, employing the latest and best medical technologies. With its 21 full-service hospitals and 16 outpatient centers, Acibadem is a team of 3,500 physicians, and 22,500 employees. The Group has reached a capacity of 4.000 beds and 287 operating theatres.

Photos – Cemal Emden.