ISKU Style T EL Electric table

ISKU Style is a family of modular electrically adjustable tables. All different workstations and conference tables share the harmonious design and high quality within the ISKU Style family. Electric tables are both ecological and modern. ISKU Style modular electric desk system can be used to construct electric desks with 2-4 legs.

The standard Isku collection ranges from small, 60×120 cm rectangular tables to large, 300×300 cm corner tables. The versatile materials, colors and design options make it sure that the tables can be easily fitted to various decorative environments. Anti-collision feature as standard.

Available as antimicrobial.

Dimension options are described in detail on the Electric table product card´s datasheet (downloadable below). Height adjustment range 63-128cm

Desk top: ISKU standard material collection
Frame: Powder coated steel (silver, black and white)
Accessories: Memory touch button, front panels, power & data, lead through sleeves, cable trays, monitor arms.

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