Unleash Your Creativity with pCon Planner 

Enhance your interior design projects with pCon Planner, a dynamic platform that empowers you to:

High-Quality Renderings: Create stunning, high-quality renderings that bring your design concepts to life.

Time and Resource Efficiency: Save valuable time and resources by streamlining your design workflow, allowing you to focus on what you do best – designing captivating spaces.

Impactful Communication: Engage your clients effectively through renders, animations, and panoramic or interactive images, ensuring they grasp your design vision.

DWG File Compatibility: Seamlessly save and load files in DWG format, facilitating compatibility with various design solutions.


Access ISKU’s pCon Catalog

Discover ISKU Catalog in pCon in two distinct ways:

pCon Catalog: Explore ISKU’s product range without price details. Get an insight into our bestsellers, designs, and innovations. This option is available for everyone. Explore ISKU Catalog in pCon.

Full pCon Catalog with Prices: To access ISKU’s complete catalog with pricing information, please request access by clicking the link below. We will activate your access and you will be notified via email once your access is activated. Request Access to ISKU Price Catalog in pCon.


Why Interior Architects and Designers Choose pCon Planner

We asked Dutch Interior Designer Marcelle Speelman to share her insights on why pCon Planner is her go-to design tool.

“Visual renderings serve as a common visual language between the designer and the client. After meeting the client and surveying the space, the design process kicks off with blueprint overdrawing, where detailed architectural drawings are scaled to represent the layout of a building. With pCon, integrating desired objects into the design is fast and easy, seamlessly integrating them into the layout plans,” Marcelle describes.

The main benefit of pCon for your clients

“The main benefit for my clients is the enhanced visualization and communication of the design concept. Clients actively participate in the design process, exploring various alternatives and suggesting changes. Realistic renderings help them evaluate different design options, materials, colors, and layouts in detail, making it easier to select elements that align with their preferences and needs.”

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