An environmentally friendly move for the renewal of Ricoh Finland Oys work environments.

Ricoh moved from its old premises to a completely new loft house office building in Piispanportti, Espoo. At the same time, the interior of the work environment was completely renewed with environmental values in mind. New workspaces, meeting rooms, living space, demo space and landscape space serves the organization well. The goal of the interior was to achieve modern and representative spaces. For the design, construction and alterations, special attentionhas been given to environmental values and ecology.

An environmentally friendly move and responsibly manufactured furniture.

ISKU, together with Niemi services, was responsible for the change of Ricoh´s head office in Espoo. For the move, Ricoh was looking for a company that could meet the set goals of supplying high-quality and environmentally friendly furniture, recycling of packaging materials from the move, and reuse and use of renewable fuel in transportation. ISKU and Niemi Services met all the requirements.

“We have a long-standing cooperation with ISKU and we have been very satisfied with the high-quality and durable furniture. Domestic manufacturing is something we want to emphasize and through that we support Finnish work. The move was well planned and scheduled. The furniture was delivered on time and it was an efficient move.” – says Janne Tilli, CEO of Ricoh.

“The environmentally friendly move was of great value to the customer. Niemi uses 100% fossil-free fuels in its cars: domestic biogas, electricity, and renewable diesel. The move is carried out by crewed trucks. That way, the movers do not have to travel in multiple trucks. This reduces traffic and emissions. “- says Jarkko Mäkitalo, Customer Relationship Manager at Niemi services.

Responsibility also includes the versatility and flexibility of the work environment as needed. Rico e.g., the shades of the chairs and tables have been selected so that the furniture can easily be used and combined in different spaces. The furniture in the conference rooms is equipped with wheels so that they can easily be moved, and the space can easily be changed as needed.

“In our meeting rooms, the partitions can be moved to the side, which means that the space can be changed after different needs. The furniture in the conference rooms is intact in appearance, so they also fit together when we open the space up for larger events. It´s easy to organize larger meetings and customer events when there is one large space with a unified look.” – says Riikka Sainio, Ricohs Business Manager.

The work environment serves as a strength in recruitment and customer encounters.

Ricoh wanted the design of the office to be timeless, modern and compliant with with the spirit of the building. Ricoh office is a strength when it comes to recruitment and wants to attract new employees. The office also works as a demo space for customers, and it is a pleasure to invite customers to the office when their own technology is integrated into the impressive interior. The color palette for the work environment was inspired by the surroundings of the office: the marine nature of Espoo and the tones and style of the building.

“We had ISKU furniture in our office from a previous work environment renovation. When the furniture is made with quality, it lasts for a long time. However, the upholstery of the furniture was in line with our previous brand image. As a responsible actor, we wanted to update and maintain the use of the high-quality furniture, but to renew the color palette. The furniture was re-upholstered at ISKUs factory in Lahti and delivered to our new premises.” – describes Stiina Lerto, CFO of Ricoh.

Remote working has brought freedom to Ricohs office, and most of the workstations are so-called “hot desks” that can be booked through the booking system provided by Ricoh. All workstations have electric desks and adjustable office chairs to so that each employee has the correct work ergonomics. Well-being at work, ergonomics and responsibility are important values for Ricoh. The work environment has already received a lot of positive feedback and Leila Holmström, who coordinated the relocation project, thanks the project team for the good cooperation. Such large projects are always the result of a successful cooperation of many people.

“The change from the past has been great, the look is fresh and unified in appearance. In a major work environment reform, it is always exciting what the end result will look like. Even though you can see the plans and all the detailed discussed together, with pictures and papers. The end result still amazes me with its magnificence.” – concludes Leila Holmström, the Management Assistant.

In Ricoh´s office renovation, ISKU delivered all the furniture in the work environment and offered the re-upholstery of the furniture as a service. In addition, we provided several services for the relocation: relocation supplies (boxes and packaging materials), security services in the new premises, installation of new furniture, relocation, recycling services, and relocation of printer and display equipment. The recycling service primarily aims to reuse, if this is not possible, the materials are sorted and reused or used for energy.

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