Innolink renewed their work environment and immediately noticed changes in employee well-being

COVID-19 made many companies think about the need for premises, location, size and functionality – and so did Innolink’s CEO Pekka Vuorela. In terms of Innolink’s strategy, it is essential to get together and come up with ideas together. Innolink’s NPS (Net Promoter Score) is 85 and they want to offer their customers even better ideas and quality service.

“I believe that joint innovation and gathering is key to success when offering professional services. I had a strong vision that by investing in the work environment and creating functional and enjoyable working environments, people want to come to the office. We ended up going against the flow and doubled the size of our offices,” says Innolink CEO Pekka Vuorela.

Investing in employee well-being improves customer experience

Innolink’s updated work environment has only received positive feedback. The customers have praised the facilities a lot and employees have also enjoyed themselves.

“I strongly believe that offices are needed for ideation and innovation. In order for work environments to be attractive to employees, they must take into account the different working zones. People do not fit into one model. Therefore, the work environment must be flexible, and it must offer options for all working styles. The winning companies will be those that invest in the well-being of the personnel and community spirit. The well-being of the personnel is visible to the customers, and this is how we create value all the way to our own customers,” says Pekka.

Although more people want to come to the office, remote work is also possible for Innolink’s employees. Independent work can be done efficiently at home, but the changes brought about by hybrid work have also been carefully considered at the office. The employees’ absolute favorite place at the office has been the new lounge area. Kick offs, breakfast events, as well as after work and karaoke evenings for the working community are organized in the facility.

No one at Innolink’s have their own office. This way, people meet each other more often and get energy and drive to work. Innolink’s facilities also has a room for drill and relaxation. In the middle of the working day, you can go for a workout or a massage in the massage chair. It is also possible to take a nap.

“We do weekly well-being measurements and as soon as the work environment was renewed, we instantly noticed improved employee well-being in our surveys. Of course, we have also received direct feedback about the success of the renewal and that it is great when the company invests so much in the well-being of the staff,” says Pekka.

Hybrid work and well-being at the center.

“It is very important that the office enables quick Teams meetings with a small group and larger meetings for those in the office. However, we have many hybrid meetings where participants are in different countries, cities, and locations – some at home and some at the office. This model is perfectly served by our new office”, describes Pekka.

A fun detail in Innolink’s premises is the vision walls and wallpapers. Wall-sized superhero figures portray the power of knowledge management. The wallpapers tie together the color scheme and atmosphere of the entire office. The words also reflect Innolink’s values and way of working. The staff got to vote on the names of the conference rooms, and the visualizations on the walls were made by Sparkof’s Mia Ollikainen.

ISKU implemented the interior design plan for the work environment based on Peka’s views. Not only new furniture was acquired for the new premises, but existing furniture was also used. The furniture purchased four years ago came together beautifully as part of the renovation of the work environment.

“The best thing was that ISKU caught on to my vision right away. We discussed a lot about the future of work environments and made several drafts. There was a customer-oriented, strategic and purposeful approach to the process. ISKU managed the entire project with style to the end,” says Pekka.

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