The brand is strongly visible in Stalatube’s newly renovated premises

The wall of Stalatube’s renovated exhibition space is decorated with a text from the movie The Future is Unwritten: “The future is unwritten. It’s what we make of it.”

The quote brilliantly reflects Stalatube and its culture : entrepreneur driven Stalatube has created a globally successful business of structural steel pipes and their processing and has expanded its business into new fields during its 50 years of operation. The renovation of the premises became relevant when the Stalatube building became fully available to the company. In the past, the building also housed Stala, a manufacturer of washing tables, which was part of the same group as Stalatube until 2000.

“It was important for us to make the premises fit the Stalatube brand. That’s why our brand colors red and stainless steel can be seen everywhere here,” says Sami Packalén, CEO of Stalatube.

“The goal was to create modern, well-functioning spaces that increase work wellbeing, where the company’s spirit and brand are strongly present,” says Jari Nietosvuori.

The staff’s wishes were fulfilled

In the renovation of Stalatube, the layout of the rooms, all surfaces and furniture were renewed. The change was specifically focused on the staff’s workstations and conference rooms, as well as the staff’s break room. The company’s brand was taken into account during the entire planning process.

“The employees who work in the premises were able to present their own wishes for the renovation of the office. Two-thirds of the wishes were fulfilled: for example, small conference rooms where you can work while standing, electronic desks, sofa groups, quiet places for phone calls, wall bars and so on,” says Sami Packalén.

“Having a sense of community at work, easy mobility and ergonomics played a big role when designing the premises. The kitchen and gathering area on the office floor, a kind of spare room, was the heart of this idea. It makes it possible to hold spontaneous meetings or even have a chat during a coffee break,” says Nietosvuori.

In the open office, all employees have similar workstations and electric adjustable desks. This also enables the furniture to be moved if necessary. After a time of remote working, we have noticed that people want to return to a comfortable office.

“It was a pleasure to return to a cozy office after a time of remote work. It’s nice to come to the office with good ergonomics, functional spaces that enables a peace of mind and works as a comfortable setting for social interactions with colleagues. The spacious, fresh spaces are refreshing,” praises export coordinator Maiju Taylor.

The wish was to give all employees a Fustra training stick. One is attached to each work station to make taking breaks as easy as possible.

With ISKU, different color combinations were easy to implement in accordance with the brand

ISKU and Stalatube had already collaborated before, so the choice of furniture supplier was natural. Stalatube also wants to favor local suppliers. For the designer, the selection of ISKU and ISKU’s partners was comprehensive, and the necessary color combinations in upholstery and surface materials were easy to implement.

“You always got help from the factory’s sales team when you needed it, and it was easy to get to know the ergonomics and other features of the different pieces of furniture in the showroom,” says Nietosvuori.

The Scandinavian look is also popular in Poland.

Stalatube opened a factory in Poland in the spring of 2019, which ISKU was also able to participate in furnishing. Stalatube’s facilities in Poland are designed according to the same model as in Finland.

For Poles, a Scandinavian employer is interesting because we value our personnel and take care of their wellbeing. That’s why we want to look Scandinavian also abroad – it also promotes our business,” says Packalén.


Stalatube Oy

Stalatube is a globally known manufacturer of high-quality stainless steel structural pipes and their processing. The company’s selection of square and rectangular pipes is the widest in the world. The company, which has been operating for 50 years, has developed an international distribution network that extends to all continents and more than 50 countries. The company’s head office is located in Lahti, Finland, factories in Finland and Poland, and sales offices in the USA, Netherlands, Poland and India.

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