Octomeca trusts in quality and a long lifecycle of products

As the Finnish technology company Octomeca built a new factory in Naantali, they also renewed their approximately 400 sqm office space. During the project, all office workspaces, conference rooms, lobby and coffee room were newly designed.

Visit to the ISKU showroom helped outlining the atmosphere of the spaces

“We wanted to invest significantly in the ergonomics of our employees and the comfort of our work environment. We had a clear vision of what the design should look like. We wanted strong contrasts, a clear Scandinavian look, wooden surfaces and dark tones,” says the CEO of Octomeca Janne Koskela.

In the beginning of the project, the Octomeca team responsible for the office re-design visited ISKU’s showroom in Turku to familiarize themselves with the company, the product selection and the various material options. After the visit and discussions regarding the customer’s views and wishes, ISKU’s interior designer provided the Octomeca team with sketches and 3D visuals to present them, how would their office look like. This helped the Octomeca team outline the future atmosphere of the office already at a very early stage.

An investment in domesticity, high quality and long lifecycle of products

Domesticity is really important to Octomeca. Like ISKU, Octomeca is a Finnish company that manufactures and delivers products both for the Finnish market and all over the world. Both in terms of construction and furnishing, they wanted to invest in domesticity and bring work to Finland.

“We chose ISKU due to the company’s domesticity and high-quality service. Choosing a Finnish supplier with high quality and reliable deliveries was particularly important to us. We trust in quality and a long lifecycle of products, and we value that at ISKU,” says Janne.

Janne says that the cooperation with ISKU went excellently. All the products that Octomeca wanted were on display at the Turku showroom. Testing and getting a feel for it supported the decision-making well.

“The end result of the office is very successful. Modern and high-quality furniture with wonderful material choices support our own company’s image of quality. It’s a pleasure to invite customers here and see that our employees are really satisfied!” Janne says.

Founded in 1989, Octomeca is a Finnish technology company that manufactures packaging solutions and wrapping machines. The company’s factory is located in Naantali, from where they deliver around the world. Since 2017, Octomeca has been part of the FROMM group, which specializes in packaging equipment and materials. In addition to the equipment, the company offers a full maintenance and spare parts service. This is how the company ensures the proper functioning of the machines throughout their entire life cycle. Octomeca employs 35 people.

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