Renewed premises of MTV Oy communicate the brand´s culture

MTV Oy moved to a new Pöllölaakso building in an urban environment and a vibrant centre in Vallila. MTV Oy is Finland’s leading commercial broadcasting company and the new Pöllölaakso center is one of the most modern digital production centres in Europe. The new Pöllölaakso building became a place for meeting and working. The building has more than 5000 m2 of space, where among other things we furnished: 37 conference rooms, 16 retreat rooms, and several workstations. The workstations were sized so that there is one desk per 1.3 hybrid working members. Telia’s new premises in Tripla served as a great reference for the new Pöllölaakso, and with Telia’s space renewal in mind, MTV spaces were designed in a way that tells more about its own corporate culture.

Data guides work environment development

MTV Oy utilizes the Smart Office application within its premises. Employees use the app for space reservations and also to notify that they are at the office. The application has a map of the premises and it also collects data which over time provides valuable information about the occupancy rate of the premises, the most popular spaces and the spaces that are used less.

“Thanks to this data, we can easily see where the hotspots in our work environment are. We can see where and what kind of spaces are more appealing and also those spaces that are hardly used. This allows us to develop a better working environment for our employees,” says People, Corporate Communications & Responsibility, SuomiAreena, and Brand Design Hub unit leader Susa Valvio.

MTV Oy staff has been involved in the design project. MTV Oy has conducted surveys, and a working group from personnel was also assembled to be actively involved in the process. Starting in August, “tourist tours” in the new premises were organized for the employees. This aroused enthusiasm and impatience to move into new premises.

“All in all, about 100 people have been involved in the project, and about 40 of them very carefully planning what kind of facilities they wanted. For example, ISKU’s Big Hug chairs were chosen at the request of a particular group,” Susa says.

MTV Oy was able to move into the new premises in November-December 2022, the last group arrived in January 2023. Feedback has already been received during the first few months, but more detailed work environment development measures will be provided as more data is received. Among other things, the look of the working environment, the color scheme and the furniture choices have received positive feedback. Interior architect Kia Koponen Gullsten-Inkinen was responsible for the interior architecture of the working environment.

“The working environment is colourful, joyful and lively, as we all are as a company. Red is our color, the main color of our brand. The different floors always have their own look and delightful colors and style,” Susa says.

Responsibility had special attention in the project

Responsibility is also a broad and important entity for MTV Oy. Together with the working group, they visited the ISKU factory and witnessed how sustainable principles realise in ISKU operations.

“We were truly impressed by ISKU’s factory operations, waste minimization efforts, and utilization of solar power. As supporters of local businesses, it’s essential for us at MTV to prioritize domestic suppliers. We strive to act responsibly ourselves, such as selling excess heat generated in our property back to Helen. Our move to vibrant Vallila also aligns with our goal of being close to our employees, facilitating easy commuting via public transport, walking or cycling”, Susa describes.

A large inventory was made in the old Pöllölaakso building by Offistore, as a result of which about 20–30% of the old furniture could also be utilised in the new premises. Together with Offistore, which sells used office furniture and is the market leader in its field, the furniture was put up for sale using Offistore’s online store, first to staff members and then to all consumers and companies. The sale took place directly from the old Pöllölaakso. MTV also acquired a lot of used electric tables from Offistore.

“We kept the old Pöllölaakso open to the staff all the time – right up until the new one opened. This allowed us to provide workspaces for our employees at all times. We also wanted to offer our staff a unique opportunity to acquire used work environment furniture in good condition before anyone else. Our staff was really pleased with this,” Susa says.

The emptying of Pöllölaakso building was also a pilot project for Offistore and a completely new operating model and service. Through a good experience, this turned into a new service for a company selling used furniture.

“The project was a great success in the field of sustainability. We were able to take care of the entire project from the customer’s old premises without transporting the furniture anywhere. At the same time, we were able to provide our customers with transparent data on sales and the status of the remaining furniture. With regard to the remaining furniture, we map out various charitable sites and, together with MTV, deliver, for example, backup power supply containers to those in need in Ukraine, so not a single piece of furniture ends up in a bin,” says Marko Björklund, CEO of Offistore.

MTV Oy is Finland’s leading commercial TV company and house of video content: home to phenomena, topics and stars. The MTV media family includes MTV Grandstand and C More streaming services, free-to-air TV channels MTV3, MTV Sub and MTV Ava, MTV News, which transmits current news on a multichannel basis, and C More’s pay-TV channels. In addition, MTV will organise Finland’s largest social festival, SuomiAreena, in summer 2023 in cooperation with the City of Pori. MTV is part of Telia Company – one of the largest TV companies in the Nordic countries, which leads the way in the development of the entire media industry.