Tere Easy chair

Design Antti Olin

Tere is a sofa series with sleek lines. It is a great choice for a variety of lobbies, lounges and waiting rooms, even classrooms. Tere sofa set includes bench / footstool, armchair, two-seater and three-seater sofas.

The chairs and sofas are available with or without armrests. The modules with armrests can be provided with a clipboard. The seats of adjacent chairs can be linked together where necessary.

Bench/footstool 600 / 1180 mm
Chair 600 mm
2-seater sofa 1180 mm
3-seater sofa 1760 mm
Depth: 710 mm in all
Height: 740 mm in all
Seating height: 450 mm in all

Frame: Powder-coated steel
Upholstery: Fixed upholstery (ISKU standard fabrics or leather)
Accessories: Wooden extension/clipboard in the armrest

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