ISKU Middle East Story 

It all began from EXPO 2020, starting from the insight of the importance of visual details and the message we try to convey with them. Colours, lights, and the distinct sensations deriving from the materials we select, have the capability to immerse and engage the guest of the thought through and well-designed interior. The visual impact is the first impression that the space can provide, and it sets the tone for the energy and mindset within. For taking a step beyond, it is not only the satisfaction for eye but also the peace of mind. By making conscious decisions on sustainability, quality, and safety, we release the burden of guilt, and we sign off the whole process of making, all the way to the source of the materials. Hence, not only what you see, but what you feel.

This was the inception of the story behind the new ISKU Showroom in the Dubai Design District. As a continuation from EXPO 2020, D3 was a natural choice to move into the industry community. With the strong roots in Finnish soil, ISKU, together with it’s partners, we saw the opportunity to come up with something never seen before. Finland is a country of four distinct seasons. These seasons come with the complete mood board for interior designer. Not only temperature, but colors, lights, texture, and the whole spirit walks hand-in-hand with the seasons each year on a journey around the sun.

For the energy of the Showroom, these four seasons shape the main visual concept of it. Finland is a country of sustainability ranking first in the Sustainable Development Report 2022 among all 193 member states of UN compared with the 17 SDGs. Sustainability is not self-explanatory, but it is considered on a holistic level in the nation. Based on 2022 Social Progress Index,

Finland ranks first also in the category of Environmental Quality and positioning high in Inclusiveness, Water and Sanitation, and Personal rights, to name a few. In conclusion, Finland makes a great platform for a modern era interior designer focusing on mindful choices for visuals but also beneath the visual surface. For every supplier in the Showroom, sustainability is the profound value base in the background.


ISKU Majlis Collection

The Majlis is a fundamental element in Arab culture, representing a place for gathering, dialogue, and hospitality. It reflects traditions of generosity and communication among people, where family, friends, and guests come together to exchange conversations, ideas, and enjoy Arab hospitality. The ISKU Majlis collection creates a harmonious blend of Finnish design principles of minimalism, functionality, and craftsmanship with the authenticity and cultural richness of the Middle East. The Majlis collection utilizes ISKU’s ergonomic, versatile, and modular soft seating solutions to create a gathering space that encourages conversation and interaction while still celebrating the rich tapestry of hospitality and warmth of the Arab Culture.

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Secto Design is a Finnish company specializing in modern hand-made design lamps from high quality certified local birch. The authentic Secto Design wood lamps are sustainably and ecologically produced in Finland. The designer of the entire lighting collection is architect Seppo Koho.The iconic Secto Design lighting collection includes various pendant lamps, floor lamps, table lamps, wall lamps and ceiling lamps that are suitable for both public and private interiors. 

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Grönlund is a Finnish lighting design company that produces large variety of Nordic style lighting fixtures. Grönlund produces lamps for hotels, restaurants and public spaces. As a key reference can be mentioned Jumeirah Burj al-arab where Grönlund has produced several types of lamps, including more than 30 meter long restaurant ceiling lamp. Grönlund is a flexible partner on many different bespoke lamp needs, including concepts and lamps for hotel rooms.

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Lovia’s mission is to transform surplus materials into high-quality design products like bags and jewelry, ensuring a modern cycle where resources are not wasted. Utilizing excess materials from sources like ISKU, Lovia exemplifies a responsible and sustainable approach. Each bag comes with a unique DNA code, offering detailed insights into its background and positive environmental impact.

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Satu Nisu Design Ltd. operates as a designer and manufacturer of luxurious, unique, and versatile interior textiles. The interior textiles are made 100% by Finnish handcrafting on traditional looms, respecting nature and valuing individual design. The textile itself functions as a unique work of art and an eye-catching piece in any space. Products can be made from a variety of different colors and fabrics, as well as custom-made to the customer’s chosen size.

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An expression of the beauty in nature at Isku Showroom, an immersive visual experience with pictures which brings about feelings of harmony and astonishment.  It changes the spatial perception of the viewer, creating a sense of extended space.  Light from the pictures tint surroundings with a vibrant colourful glow.  Sauhu Visual Environment is a creative tool for the designer, who wishes to bring harmony of nature into the modern urban setting.

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Autumn winter

Naava is an indoor nature technology company from Finland. Naava creates the most compelling modular green wall products with living plants by combining nature, technology, and Scandinavian design. Naava is on a mission to re-seed the respect for nature to drive people and the planet towards healthier, sustainable urban living. Enjoying natural air and nature indoors makes you healthier, happier, and more productive.

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