Logo Universal Chair

Design Raimo Räsänen

Logo chairs combine wood and metal with light and elegant design. Logo is an excellent choice for public spaces and meeting rooms.

The universal chairs are stackable which make them easy to store. The chairs can be provided with replacement covers to ease cleaning and maintenance. If desired, the chair can me equipped with armrest and a writing pad is desired. Logo with armrest is also available as 5 cm higher version when desired higher seating. Armrests, a writing pad and a linking mechanism available as an accessory.

Logo chair with armrests
Width: 470 mm
Depth: 530 mm
Height: 820 mm
Seating height: 460 mm

Logo chair without armrests:
Width: 550 mm
Depth: 540 mm
Height: 820/870 mm
Seating height: 460/510 mm

Frame: Graphite, silver, chrome, black or white
Wooden parts: Natural or stained beech, natural birch, oak, natural or stained ash, ISKU standard laminates
Seat: Wood or upholstered, ISKU standard fabrics or leathers
Backrest: Wood or upholstered, ISKU standard fabrics or leathers

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