Flexible and inspiring

The multi-purpose building called Ypsilon was completed in Turku, Finland in December 2018. The building house wide range of spaces for different functions as school, kindergarten, library, clinic, school health care and various youth facilities. The building has been designed for the use of seven days a week and for different user groups. Therefore, a special attention has been paid on the adoptability of spaces and furniture solutions.

The key goal was to build a safe and healthy environment that is also ergonomic, aesthetic and inspiring. As the main users are early childhood and primary school children, inspiration and versatility were important in the choice of furniture. Selected furniture was delivered as antimicrobial, thus preventing the spread of infectious diseases. Easily adaptable spaces and furniture solutions allow for a wide variety of different teaching arrangements and working methods.

In Ypsilon everything is done together, and the importance of community is emphasized. The choices of tables and furniture solutions represent a new operating culture in which different member groups come together. To increase the sense of community, the shapes of the letter Y that appear in the spaces create a spirit of “ypsilonism”.

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