Riga 5th Boarding school

The UN Agenda 2030 with SDG4 addresses the need for adequate physical infrastructure and safe, inclusive environments that nurture learning for all. Alongside with curricula and teachers, education infrastructure is one of the key inputs to the education system that help to improve the quality of education.

Riga 5th Boarding school is a great examples of how pedagogy, curriculum and the learning environment together form a contextualized platform for learning and innovations.

The school is located in Riga, Jugla region, in a very beautiful place – surrounded by forest. Existing classrooms are gradually being supplemented with new and bright furniture. The soft furniture and cabinets help to create study areas and cozy atmosphere in school. Classrooms are equipped with tables that allow easy and convenient transition from individual to group work. The teachers’ room is designed to have space for both individual work and meetings. Watch the video and get inspired by the school environment!

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