Careeria Vocational College

Careeria is a multidisciplinary vocational education and training provider preparing tomorrow’s top skilled employees for careers which demands intercultural skills, proficiencies of multiple languages and capability to work in international environments.

For Careeria, the new facilities were the beginning of a new era. The new, international vocational college started its operations in the new facilities in early 2019 in Porvoo, Finland as two former existing vocational colleges joined their forces. The phase of change is always quite an effort, but the new well-functioning facilities brought strong support to the whole community of students and staff in the new situation.

The staff were involved in the design process through a series of workshops. According to experience, involving users increases satisfaction and facilitates the introduction of new premises. In an interdisciplinary educational institution like Careeria, it was important to choose such furniture that allows easy and flexible change of order, following the chosen pedagogical approach and learner needs. Also, the chosen solutions aim at increasing comfort, joy of learning, and motivation to perform better in an inspiring learning and working environment.

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