Avesco – spaces in line with the brand book internationally

Avesco Oy, specializing in the representation of Caterpillar products, has significantly expanded its operations in recent years. The success story of Avesco Oy’s new office is rooted in careful planning and high-quality furniture, resulting in an efficient, comfortable, and brand-friendly work environment. Active cooperation between Avesco and ISKU played a key role in the successful implementation of the facilities.

The new premises respond to growth and the brand’s expectations

“ISKU is an international company, enabling us to maintain the desired brand look in our facilities across other countries. It is important to us that our brand is visually represented in the premises. ISKU’s interior designer succeeded exceptionally well in this regard. We aimed for product colors in black, gray, and yellow. My ideas and wishes transformed into a visual work of art on the interior designer’s table,” says Sourcing and Logistics Manager Antti Pitkänen.

In 2020, Avesco Oy began representing Caterpillar, leading to a substantial increase in personnel and customers. The company expanded its operations in Finland and internationally. The newest office spaces are located in Kerava, Finland, with a personnel count now at 250, of which 100 work in the Kerava unit. The Kerava office covers a total of 9,000 square meters, including 3,500 square meters of warehouses and the rest comprising other spaces, such as repair shops, workspaces, conference rooms, and lounge areas.

Enhancing efficiency and collaboration

Avesco’s Kerava property is a brand-new building. In the old facilities, different teams were scattered across various buildings and facilities. The new facilities are functional and aligned with the company’s goals, improving efficiency, information flow, and work safety. The staff has provided positive feedback about the new facilities.

“The best aspect of the new premises is that all functions are under the same roof. This has fostered cooperation between departments and increased efficiency. The staff has experienced this as a positive improvement.” adds Antti.

The collaboration with ISKU has been particularly commendable. The designer’s professionalism and quick communication contributed to a successful outcome. Visual visualization with the help of 3D images and certainty in everything appeared as key factors in the selection.

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