Poiju Table

Design Henri Halla-aho

Poiju is a versatile low table for a variety of sofa and seating sets. In learning environments. Poiju is easy to combine with Kaari sofa systems or Kivikko, Noppa and Mukula seats. Thanks to its ingenious structure, it is easy to integrate a plug-in power supply or a wireless charging plate for mobile phones in the table.

By replacing the glides with castors you can make Poiju easy to move.

Height: 450 mm
Diameter: 900 mm / 1000 mm

Frame: material Foam upholstered with ISKU standard fabrics
Table top: The MDF cover is made of 400 series laminates or black nano laminate
Accessories: Castors, Bachmann Twist sockets (black, white, stainless steel)

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