Wärtsilä’s work environment supports modern ways of working and encourages self- development

The design of Wärtsilä’s premises aimed to transforming spaces so that they could better reflect new, modern ways of working, improve employees` experience and support sustainable development and values of the company. One of the key objectives was to enhance innovation culture by supporting interaction through the space.

Flexibility of spaces makes everyday life easier

Modern workspaces encourage collaboration and brainstorming. Revamped multifunctional zones of Wärtsilä office offer a wide variety of spaces for collaboration and joint work. In addition to these facilities, focus zones provide peaceful and quiet environment for concentrated work. Comfortable and cozy meeting rooms, promote productivity and boost creative thinking.

“In this office we wanted to create relaxed atmosphere and campus-like thinking. The premises were transformed into flexible multi-space office, where the workspace serves as one work resource. The most important thing in a multi- space office is possibility to find space for different working tasks” says Thomas Hollfast, General Manager of Real Estate.

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