Toward a more carbon neutral future with responsible furniture solutions

Insinöörityö Hentinen Oy is a Finnish construction company that operates in Joutsa, Finland and employs about 40 people. Most of their employees work on changing construction sites, but the office in Joutsa has a common working space that everyone employee can use when at the office. About 10 people work at the Joutsa office on a permanent basis. After having the office in the same place for over 30 years, the possibilities of the facilities became insufficient and the company built a completely new property. The new office with about 300 sqm of space meets the wishes and needs of the employees.

Best results are achieved by empowering the employees and choosing safe solutions

In the planning process of the new working environment, employees were involved through various surveys and discussions. The new spaces were designed to meet the growing needs and to serve well even during the pandemic, creating a sense of security.

“ISKU presented antimicrobial materials for the furniture to increase safety of the space and it was a whole new realization for us. It’s the same furniture, but with antimicrobial contact surfaces”*, says Ilkka Hentinen, CEO of Insinöörityö Hentinen Oy.

They decided to choose the furniture with the suggested antimicrobial finishes and together with ISKU’s interior designer, they reviewed the color scheme.

“ISKU’s interior designer participated the process from the very beginning and the furniture plan was designed with the users of the space. Together we made an updated color scheme and decided to use e.g. the shade of turquoise that is now seen in our new premises. An important part of successful entity was that ISKU was able to refine the preliminary furniture plan in terms of dimensions and shapes and by bringing colors to it. Also, all deliveries went as expected”*, ”Ilkka Hentinen describes.

The reception of the new office spaces has been purely positive.

“Our own builders built a property that we liked and together we got to design the interior for it. So, this is exactly how we look like and it has also sparked a positive debate here in our hometown. New office buildings are not so often built here, so as we built one, we invited all the people living in Joutsa to our open house party. There were a lot of guests and the feedback was very positive!”* rejoices Ilkka Hentinen.

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