March 13, 2023. Written by Elise Tarvainen

Step into the Future: Explore the Workspace of Tomorrow.

In a rapidly evolving worklife, the well-being and needs of employees is a top priority. The perfect workspace goes beyond just meeting technical demands of the work – it inspires innovation, collaboration, and adaptability resulting in supreme workplace experience. By using a human-centric design approach, the workplace becomes a comfortable and productive space, boosting both job satisfaction and performance. But what does the future of workspaces hold?
The flexibility of workspaces is on the rise.
One of the essential features of a human-centric design is providing employees with flexible workspaces that cater to their diverse – and changing – needs. The ideal physical working environment should allow for adaptable and customizable spaces with movable walls, modular furniture, and flexible layouts that can be adjusted based on the constantly altering demands.
The spotlight shifts to sustainable design.
The human-centric design approach prioritizes sustainability in the workplace. It means creating products and solutions that are environmentally responsible, socially equitable, and economically viable. Designing a sustainable office include features such as energy and water efficiency,  waste reduction and recycling. Using products that have been produced using sustainable practices and materials becomes a necessity.
Health and wellness incorporate into the workday.
A human-centric workplace design emphasizes the importance of employee health and well-being in the workplace. By promoting health and wellness in the workplace, we can create a positive work environment that supports employees’ overall well-being and enhances their performance and productivity. Health and wellbeing can be enhanced by providing employees with opportunities for ergonomics combined with physical activity, healthy eating and nurturing work-life balance. Natural light and green elements have proven to have their positive impact on office environments as well.
Shared spaces act as a platform for fostering innovation.
A shared space is not just a physical location, it is a platform where individuals come together to connect, collaborate, and create a sense of belonging. It is a space where people can share their ideas, their passions, and their talents with others, and work towards a common goal. These spaces have the power to foster creativity, promote social interaction, and build strong communities. By providing Invitingly furnished shared spaces, we can inspire individuals to come together, make meaningful connections, and contribute to a more vibrant and connected world.
Inclusivity emerges as a new design trend.
An inclusive office is a workplace that is designed and operated with the goal of promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion for all employees. It is a space that recognizes and values the unique qualities and experiences that each individual brings to the workplace, and works to eliminate barriers and promote equal opportunities for all. The foundation of inclusion is established on the desks of architects and interior designers, as this is where novel designs take shape.
Growing demand for safety and security measures.
An optimal physical working environment must prioritize the safety and security of its employees. This can be achieved through the implementation of various safety measures such as biometric access controls, emergency response systems, and improved ventilation systems, all of which contribute to creating a secure and safe work environment.
Workspace evolution is driven by the emergence of advanced technologies.
Businesses are continuously exploring the use of technological advancements to enhance productivity and collaboration. The ideal working environment utilizes the newest technologies like AI, AR, and VR to enhance productivity and collaboration. Creating a more efficient work environment is not just about having the latest devices and equipment, but about integrating novel technologies as inseparable elements of daily operations.
Tailoring the workspace to meet the unique needs and desires of each employee can boost job satisfaction, productivity, and overall business success for employers. Are you ready to unlock the secrets of the perfect workspace? Join us on this thrilling adventure as we explore exciting possibilities and bring them to life! Your considerations and insights are eagerly awaited.

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Elise has vast expertise in international business, having successfully navigated projects on all continents. She excels in working with multicultural teams, blending Finnish best practices into local contexts, and addressing customers’ unique needs. As the VP of ISKU’s international business, Elise thrives on collaborating with top-tier professionals to build sustainable, responsible ventures. Her commitment to innovation and global excellence drives ISKU to set new industry standards while respecting diverse cultures. Elise is a visionary, reshaping the international business landscape one success story at a time.