August 7, 2023. Written by Reetta Sohlman

From concept to completion – How a designer can help streamline the redesign process and minimize costs.

“Time is money” quote by wise man Benjamin Franklin that glorifies the importance of time and gives us the idea that once time is lost, it cannot be regained.  So why do something someone else can do even easier and maybe even more efficiently? This quote fits in many contexts and works now also as a part of an answer to this question – how design professionals can help streamline the workspace redesign?

Each of us is the interior designer of our own lives and we are all good at it. But when there are 5, 10 or 50 of us on the same project it might become tricky; differing opinions, bad minds – the grumps, overlapping time and effort, delays and incomplete information and mainly costly mistakes. In the worst case, if we are talking about redesigning work environments, it might cause the deterioration of the famous working atmosphere that seems to be a guarantee of success. So why to risk it.

In general, the redesign of the space includes carefully executed inventory as well as collected knowledge what existing can be utilized and where. How those existing fittings will be suitably combined with possible new ones, what practices are wanted to be preserved and how people are wanted to work and cooperate in the future in order to get the best benefit from the space practically and also financially. Just as much as the new facilities the redesigned facilities come with the need for instruction on the use of the space. Company culture needs reinforcing instructions and rules of the game. And as we know, change is not always pleasant for everyone, so it is good to use an expert when implementing a change in the working culture in order to mitigate resistance to change and to create the best possible working environment for employees. All of this is handled most easily and painlessly with the help of an external professional.

At ISKU we have chosen user-oriented design as the guiding principle for the design of functional environments. When we are talking about any environment where people spend their days and work together the most comfortable and functional solutions are designed for the users so from the beginning the work is anyway done and decided together – it is only wise to take someone from the outside to handle all the strings. It could be said that there is just one more in the group, the one who knows how to show the right guidelines so the travel will be smoother.

The change does not necessarily have to be big if you can detect the decisive need for change. An external professional is usually able to detect such change needs more easily if all necessary information is at hand. According to the principles of sustainable development, it is also not necessary to throw away usable goods. If it doesn’t exactly suit that space and purpose, it can possibly be used in some other way and just be fulfilled with carefully considered new purchases. Even if you must get everything new it is worth getting high-quality and responsibly produced. It is worth it.  The attractive cheapest price usually hides unpleasant reason.

For us, quality means reliability, state-of-the art design, professional craftmanship, and especially carefully selected materials. The company’s key objective is to inspire and to bring health, happiness, and creativity into daily life with high-quality furniture manufactured in a responsible way. To fulfill this promise it matters what choices are made, for who and for what purpose.

If you consider renovating or redesigning your work environment, ask the question: How to create conditions, where everyone can reach their fullest potential? If you know the answer, great – let us then know what you need. If you don’t yet know the answer, don’t worry, we’ll let you know what you need. We have space planning, interior design, and service design professionals here to help you find the answer. In any case, we look forward to hearing from you so don’t hesitate to contact us

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About the author

Reetta Sohlman works at ISKU global team as an Interior architect and design support for all market areas.

Ten years of experience around the company’s high quality and design furniture leaves it marks on her everyday work. Experience in public space planning combined with her artistic competence visual vision is personalized.