Iris chair with D-leg

Design Petteri Häkkinen

The D-leg chair with a footrest is designed with smaller students in mind. Thus, it’s a perfect choice for primary classes and KGs. Purposefully designed for comfort and practicality, the Iris Chair boasts an ergonomic backrest that encourages an ideal sitting position, ensuring a supportive experience for extended use. What sets this chair apart is its innovative feature – the ability to be easily hung from a table’s edge. The chair, with an optional backrest opening, can be easily lifted. Learn more about Iris chair family.

The chair is available in three different sizes (S, L and plastic L).

Width: 450 mm
Depth: S: 470 mm, L: 470 mm, plastic L: 490 mm
Height: S: 930 mm, L: 1000 mm, plastic L: 1000 mm
Seating height for all versions: 650 mm
Seating depth: S: 350 mm, L: 360 mm, plastic L: 360 mm
Seating width: S: 390 mm, L: 400 mm, plastic L: 400 mm

Legs: Powder-coated steel in ISKU standard colours / chrome. Wooden footrest.
Chair shell: Plastic (red, petrol, grey and green) or bent plywood  veneered with  ISKU standard laminate or veneer.
Seat upholstery:   Available with ISKU standard fabrics for wooden shells.

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