Funkis Easy chair

Design Raimo Räsänen

Funkis is a unique product designed to enhance various work and learning environments. It allows you to create a personalized space where Funkis serves as a captivating and fun focal point. At the heart of Funkis’ design are its eye-catching seat and backrest.

Manufactured by ISKU in Lahti and originally crafted by Raimo Räsänen in 1976, Funkis has made a stunning comeback in ISKU’s product lineup in 2023, in celebration of ISKU’s 95th anniversary.

Width: 610 mm
Depth: 690 mm
Height: 690 mm
Seating height: 420 mm
Seating depth: 510 mm

Legs: ISKU standard metal colours
Upholstery: ISKU standard fabrics

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