Modern learning in a historical setting

Liepaja State Gymnasium No1 was founded in 1912, and it was originally built as a school for girls. The building is a protected area, as it represents the history of the country as well as the architecture of its time at its best.

“In an old building, we cannot modify all floor plans, but we can create different learning environments with the flexibility of furniture and new mindset in using the space. All the solutions are to support independent work as well as working in pairs and teams,” says Helvjis Valcis, the principal of the Liepaja State Gymnasium No1.

The premises of the school building were upgraded in connection with a historic property renovation project. The school was also furnished in accordance to the guidelines given to the renovation project. The project was awarded with Latvian Architecture Award in 2018 for its exemplary execution.

The ultimate goal of the interior design was to bring modern learning spaces to the old traditional property to honor its history and the traditions of the school. Despite the constraints the old historical building provided, the modern conception of learning is today well reflected in the open and multi-purpose spaces that allow the students to work anywhere in the school, also in the hallways and lobbies. The classrooms have also been updated with new furniture, but the traditional desk row view has been retained as a characteristic and familiar element in honor of the history of the old school.

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