Kuokkala Comprehensive School

The former Pohjanlampi School (grades 1-6) and Kuokkala School (grades 7-9) merged into Kuokkala Comprehensive School, which has now more than 900 students. The merger was also physical: the two existing school buildings, which were located about 90 meters apart, are now connected with a new building between them. Also, the old schools were renovated and transformed into modern learning environments through an expansive renovation project.

All new school premises were designed and build to cater the new teaching and learning concept. Instead of the traditional classrooms, the building was divided to large multi-purpose learning areas with movable and sound-insulating walls. These learning areas are modifiable, and they are easy to transform into several smaller classroom-like spaces.

Multilocal learning environments adapt in line with activities and they ensure that students can become active designers and developers of their own learning environment. Instead of remaining at their personal workstations, the students in multilocal learning environments switch between quiet and mobile work areas, pair-work and group-work stations, classrooms of different sizes and furnishing solutions. They also utilize the break-out areas as learning lounges.

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