Learning spaces of the future

Technological progress sets the requirements for the learning spaces and their functionality. Today´s learning spaces act like innovational platforms that reinforce students’ own initiative and inspire them to find, try and create new solutions together.

The Astana IT University project in Astana, Kazakhstan was realized with the aim to provide the best prerequisites for the educational progress and creative thinking. ISKU was chosen as the key supplier and partner of the project successfully furnishing premises of three innovative campuses of the University.

In addition to the high-quality furniture, ISKU also developed holistic design of the premises considering every detail at each space. In addition to the classic classrooms and auditoriums, the University campuses have a large number of multifunctional open spaces that can be used for various purposes and tasks, for example, for project work or creative workshops. The buildings also house 680 multidisciplinary zones, 140 classrooms, sport zones, premises for start-up companies, a library and few laboratories.