Grundium’s facility renovation: functional and pleasant spaces

Tampere-based Grundium Oy, a manufacturer of microscope scanners, has experienced significant growth in recent years. Consequently, Grundium recognized the need to construct its own facilities. The transformation of Grundium’s workspace with the help of ISKU furniture exemplifies how carefully selected furnishings and professional design can revolutionize a company’s work environment. Grundium’s office manager, Sirpa Immonen, played a central role in executing the project.

Functional space solutions

Grundium’s previous facilities were spread across multiple locations, which did not adequately meet the company’s needs. Sirpa explains that the company decided to build its own facilities to better accommodate its growth. The rapid expansion, which brought in dozens of new employees over a few years, has led to a current workforce of approximately 75.

As a result of the project, Grundium acquired 2,300 square meters of space, half of which is designated for office, kitchen, and dining areas, while the other half is for production. ISKU furniture was placed in the office areas.

“We have received many compliments from visitors and employees about the new premises. The previous spaces lacked plants or other decorative elements, but now we have included as many plants as possible! We opted for a darker color scheme instead of the traditional white. The design was highly successful, and the furniture and color choices proposed in the initial offer were included in the final order,” Sirpa describes.

Importance of color schemes and relaxed lounge areas

Sirpa also mentions new needs and changes that arose after the project, such as additional workstations for incoming employees.

“We could use even more spaces and furnishings suitable for relaxed lounging. One of the most popular pieces is the Big Hug armchair, which is found in one of the meeting rooms,” Sirpa notes.

Sirpa highlights the coziness of the spaces, emphasizing the significant role of the furniture’s color scheme and lighting.

“I felt that the unconventional color scheme wasn’t a challenge for the designer. Rather, it seemed to inspire excitement to create something different. The decorative lighting chosen for us was perfect,” she says.

Additionally, Sirpa praises ISKU’s customer service and excellent design work, which fully met the company’s needs and expectations. The transformation is such a vast improvement over the previous setup that it is beyond comparison. Overall, the collaboration between Grundium and ISKU resulted in new, functional, and pleasant facilities that meet the company’s needs.