University of Eastern Finland

The flexible and functional Joensuu Campus

Joensuu Campus of the University of Eastern Finland is home to more than 9.000 degree students proving them with lively atmosphere and corridors filled with happy chatter. Upgrading interiors and furnishing solutions became topical when the premises were renovated to meet the needs of new functionality in higher education.

The campus renovation process focused on re-imagining the lecture halls and classrooms, auditoriums, meeting rooms, corridors, lobbies and various living areas for the future of learning. What comes to furniture choices, the determining factor was quality and durability alongside with ergonomics and functionality. Also, flexibility that enables transformation of environments was highly desired.

Above all, the goal was to acquire durable and ergonomic furniture that support the University’s renewed curriculum”, says Tarja Harjula, the Real Estate Manager, Joensuu Campus Director.

Thanks to the versatility of furniture solutions, the spaces can be used for different purposes and they adopt according to the emerging needs. Learning takes place everywhere. The new open and shared spaces are used for interactive group work but there are also solutions that enable quiet work and concentration.

The University of Eastern Finland

The high standard of interdisciplinary research and education of the University of Eastern Finland responds to global challenges and build a sustainable future. The university offers education in nearly 100 major subjects and traind experts for tomorrow’s changing labour market needs. In addition to the Joensuu Campus, the university has a campus in Kuopio.

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