Turku University of Applied Sciences

Joyful working environment in the renewed spaces of Turku University of Applied Sciences

The joint services of Turku University of Applied Sciences have been moved to the Kupittaa campus area, where the new working environments were designed and executed in close collaboration between ISKU’s interior designers and staff members.

The design of spaces was driven by raising well-being at work. Versatile furniture was selected for the break and work areas making sure that it supported ergonomics, flexibility and mobility.

Personalized workstations have been transformed into shared team spaces, which significantly increased the number of encounters and ways of working. In order to support different working methods, we developed a zone allowing different options for teamwork, active work and work that requires focusing on individual tasks.

What is special about the design of Turku University of Applied Sciences?

    1. The furniture ergonomically supports the well-being of employees
    2. Employees find new premises more inspiring and motivational
    3. Open zones provide good alternative for separated working stations