MyFlow Open Office Meeting Sofa

Design Vertti Kivi

The high back and sides of the MyFlow Open Office Meeting sofas provide protection and privacy in working environments, schools, public lobbies and waiting areas. MyFlow Open Office Meeting sofas are available in three different widths with selected accessories.

The sofa is always equipped with the back and side panels. The corner can be selected either straight or rounded (R90) as desired. The back and side panels can be selected with one or two upholstery colors.

At their best the sofas are when combined to a space-within-the-space spot by connecting two sofas with designed–for-purpose connecting screen.

More details are described in detail on the MyFlow Open Office Meeting product card´s datasheet (downloadable below).

Legs: Powder coated steel (black, white, grey, silver) or chrome, with black felt pads.
Upholstery: Fabric as specified on the datasheet.
Accessories: Connecting panels, sockets, armrests.

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