The renovation of Niemi Services work environment focuses on the well-being and safety of employees

Well-being and safety of employees were at the heart of Niemi Services’ renovation in Tampere, Finland. Niemi Services´ moved to their new premises, with 650 m2 office space and 2,700 m2 warehouse space. The facilities serve as a home for about 60 people in daily use. There are several encounters during the day, which is why antimicrobial furniture was chosen to prevent the growth and spread of microbes.

Safe spaces with antimicrobial furniture

“Antimicrobial represent advanced domestic product development. The employees of Niemi´s logistics services can have up to 10-11 different customers a day and we all meet at the office several times a day. In order to reduce the microbial load in our premises, we chose to have all furniture in our premises as antimicrobial, “says Niko Hietanen, Service Director of Niemi Services.

Downstairs, in the middle of the warehouse and office space, the employee break room is located. It serves as a meeting place for everyone. Every day, the installation – and logistics teams start their morning there. Throughout the day, lunch is served there, in addition to coffee breaks, meetings and for otherwise having a break in the day.

“For this kind of usage, the surface materials are really put to the test. COVID-19 has made us think about the spread of microbes, and it was a perfectly clear decision for us to choose furniture with antimicrobial materials. Our employees has been satisfied with the selection and, without further research, I can already say that the Tampere employees has remained healthier compared to other units, “Niko describes.

Functional and comfortable facilities for everyday life and celebrations

Niemi´s office in Tampere also has a multi-purpose game room with a sauna and representation facilities. After the workday, employees can stay and play ping pong or otherwise relax. The facilities are also available for employees to use after working hours for their own parties and team nights.

The renovation of the premises was a historic project for Niemi Services´, as the entire property was built and tailored to Niemi. The employees were extensively involved in the project and Millidee was responsible for the interior architecture. One of the prerequisites for the implementation of the office was the red brand color, known from Niemi´s cars, which can be seen on the walls as well as in other surface materials.

“We wanted the facilities to last with time and use, to support our daily lives. We got incredible and high-quality office space, which the employees are also extremely happy with. ISKU reliable and its domestic furniture production guarantees punctual deliveries, ease, and quality. Of course, the transports and installations were handled smoothly – after all, Niemi is a partner of ISKU in Finland for transport and installation services!”, Niko laughs.

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