Mukula is a new and fresh seating option ideal for environments like kindergartens and schools. Our seat cushions come in circle, oval, square, and triangular shapes, offering a diverse range of options. Explore a spectrum of fabrics and colors to customize your Mukula experience.

These cushions aren’t just for sitting, they are an educational tool too. Mukula facilitates shape and color recognition, encouraging children to engage in creative composition. Stack the cushions to create adaptable seating for individuals of all ages, be it an adult or a child. Beyond their seating functionality, Mukula cushions also serve as effective sound-absorbing elements, adding a vibrant touch to any interior.

The product family includes a wall mounting element designed specifically for the cushions. Utilize the wall for storage, making cleaning a breeze. The cushions can also be affixed to other metal surfaces using the integrated magnets.Secure wall mounting is made possible by permanent magnets discreetly placed at the cushion’s base. For safety considerations, maintain a minimum distance of 10 cm between the pacemaker and the permanent magnet at the bottom of the Mukula cushion.

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