Länsiharju School

Länsiharju Primary School is the largest primary school in Lahti, Finland, with 560 students in grades 1-6. The school operates in several buildings. The extensive renovation project of Länsiharju School was completed in 2019: the classrooms were refurbished to meet today’s needs while respecting tradition and history of the building.

In communal spaces (halls, lobbies, corridors), innovative, even playful furniture solutions encourage not only creative relaxation, but also self-directed studying, alone or in groups. At their best, the corridors and other break-out areas can transform into rooms for parallel learning and teaching during lessons or open learning environments.

In Länsiharju School also the staff is enjoying cozy lounge with functionality. A well-designed, functional and flexible teachers’ lounge lends itself to a multitude of purposes. It is a place for meeting colleagues, exchanging experiences and discovering ideas together. An enjoyable staff lounge is a workspace that supports the best possible performance of teachers in their work.

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