Jaunciems Primary School

Jaunciems Primary School in Latvia underwent extensive renovations across multiple buildings, collaborating with ISKU to furnish and enhance the educational environment.

Together, the school and ISKU carefully selected furniture to create functional and flexible learning spaces tailored to meet the specific needs of teachers and students. With practical designs and vibrant colors, the chosen furniture not only fostered an ideal learning atmosphere but also facilitated easy maintenance.

The improved facilities have had a positive impact on academic performance, resulting in increased enrollment and higher satisfaction levels among students, parents, and teachers alike.

We knew that ISKU school furniture is known as an ergonomic and visually attractive solution. Taking into account that several buildings were completely renovated in Jaunciems elementary school, we chose ISKU as the furnishing partner. ISKU’s professionals not only helped to choose the most suitable solutions during the purchase process, but also ensured the highest quality of service during the delivery and installation.

From the service point of view, it was nice to receive immediate consultation and a solution that met our needs. From the product’s point of view – modern solutions for the needs of the learning process are a pleasure. The teachers highly appreciate the electronically adjustable tables, the functionality of the furniture and the colours. Also, the maintenance process is carefree as the furniture is easy to maintain.

Thanks to the well-equipped premises and the school’s publicity, the number of students and satisfaction with the school have increased. The local society, students, parents, and teachers positively evaluate the existing solutions. Overall, we are very pleased and will continue our cooperation in the next round of renovation of the premises“, reflects Inta Ozola, Principal of Jaunciems Primary School.

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