Itätuuli Learning and Sports Center

The learning and sports center Itätuuli in the City of Pori, Finland has been designed to serve as a center of all activities the residents may need. It offers spaces for a variety of activities. In Itätuuli you can find school facilities, a library and a community center, conference and meeting facilities, and a sports center, which provides the recreational activities both to the students and other users outside the school hours.

In Itätuuli there is a preschool and a comprehensive school for the grades 1-8. The new learning environments of the school building, as well as the operational culture, enable and encourage co-teaching, cross-class and cross-curricular events for teaching and functional learning. Itätuuli meets the requirements of a modern school.

In the design process of Itätuuli Learning and Sports Center, special attention has been paid to acoustics, good indoor air quality and the quality and functionality of the furniture.

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