The holistic antimicrobial ISKU+ solution

“All touch surfaces in Apila’s premises are antimicrobial. The blue coloring used in the premises radiates cleanliness and health, it also reflects the colors used in company’s logo”, says ISKU’s Interior designer Tiina Jalava.

There’s one special feature in Apila’s premises. All the furniture and touch surfaces are antimicrobial. After Apila moved to its current premises in 2013 they were the first company in Finland to have ISKU’s antimicrobial furniture. Now that ISKU’s product development has gone forward, Apila’s premises got furnished with nothing but antimicrobial furniture. Every chair of Apila has an antimicrobial fabric on them and chairs with painted legs are painted with antimicrobial paint. All the workers have now an electrically adjustable work table and table tops of them are made of antimicrobial laminate. Other tables in Apila have the same feature as well. The walls of the healthcare center are painted with antimicrobial paint.

The antimicrobial feature of our furniture is based on silver and copper technology. The technology affects microbes such as bacteria and mould by causing damage to their DNA, disrupting their metabolism and attacking the cell wall. This prevents microbes from growing on protected touch surfaces.