Al Basma British School

Antimicrobial solutions for the safety and well-being of the students

ISKU recently provided the Al-Basma British School in Abu Dhabi, UAE furniture solutions with antimicrobial finishes. After the reopening the school has taken vast measures to meet the new demands and safety protocols. Along with the new practices related to hybrid and partial distance learning, flexible division of students into smaller groups, intensified cleaning measures in all shared resources, practical rooms and labs. Antimicrobial solutions contribute to the safety and well-being of the students of the Al-Basma school that prides itself on a high quality education and pastoral care for all students.

A happy and inclusive school community

Through an 8-month co-design process, Al-Basma British School users together with ISKU experts fine-tuned the chosen furniture solutions to the level of “everything being perfect”. As a background, Al-Basma wishes to be a happy and inclusive school community where learning is fun and problems solved with an innovative and creative mindset. Not only this but also group work and collaboration are in the core of their daily classroom activities. Al-Basma British School wanted to find nothing less than furniture solutions that allow them to do what is seen as important.

The role of learning spaces in actualizing the curricular objectives

As feedback from the users, the new furniture encourages teachers to utilize the premises creatively, finding new innovative ways to actualize the curricular objectives on a daily basis. The furniture is easily arranged in new formations, a feature highly appreciated by all the users. All in all, the community of Al-Basma consider ISKU approach very suitable to their understanding of active learning.

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